Use DockerΒΆ

We provide a Docker image that can be used to build systemc-clang.

First clone the systemc-clang repository.

$ git clone

Then pull the systemc-clang Docker image.

$ docker pull rseac/systemc-clang:clang-13.0.0

Start the Docker image while providing the locally cloned copy of systemc-clang as a volume to load.

$ docker run -it -v <full-path-to-systemc-clang-cloned-dir>:/systemc-clang --name systemc-clang  rseac/systemc-clang:clang-13.0.0

Start the compile process once you enter the Docker terminal.

$ cmake /systemc-clang -DHDL=ON -DENABLE_TESTS=ON -DENABLE_VERILOG_TESTS=ON -G Ninja && ninja && ctest

Once you have started the Docker instance, you can re-join it as follows.

$ docker start -ia systemc-clang